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Scripts on this page are available for download free of charge.  You are free to use, edit or distribute as needed provided no fee is charged. Scripts are being created regularly so please check back again. Note: If file displays in browser instead of saving to disk, place cursor over file link, click right mouse button, select Save Target As and follow normal file saving process.

NOTE: Scripts located on this page are for the CAD applications as noted -they are not VBScript scripts used in HTML documents for programming web pages.


PADS VB Scripts


Program Name Rev. Program Description Size
Route Segment Length 2.0 Display the total length of selected routed trace segment(s), pin-pair or net. 2K
TP Nail Dia to Excel 1.0 Send a list of testpoint Nail Diameter attributes to Excel, selects all testpoints. 2K
Net Length Report 1.0 Generates a listing of net lengths for all nets or only selected nets in design -reports to Excel. 2K
Combined Ref Des BOM 1.5 Generates a basic BOM listing with ref des for each parttype combined on one line. e.g. C2,C3,C8   CAP_10N_0603 -includes PCB Decal.   Updated -16-12-03 -parttypes with different Value listed separately. 3K
Hole Position Report 1.0 Generates a report (in Notepad) for X-Y coord. of thruholes and vias in board. 2K
Max Board Outline Dim 1.0 Displays maximum board outline dimensions ver 4.0 2K
D3T (Dynamic Drill Dwg Table)   1.01  Generates a drill drawing table in layout. Fully scalable, custom columns incl. Tolerance. Drill table sorted, unused drills removed.  ** Update coming soon ** 24K
D3T for v2007, v9.x 1.01

Updated version of D3T 1.01 to work with PADS v2007 & V9.x

*** Updates by Chuck Tidwell (Thanks Chuck)***

*** Please report any bugs encountered with this version for v2 update***

Update PCB Decal Outline 1.02  Updates an exported PCB Decal lib file permitting modification of the decal outline layer and line width. Note: this is an executable (*.exe), not a VB script. 31K
Manhattan Net Length Report 1.03 Reports Manhattan net lengths -
similar to Specctra report.
Updated 18-01-07
Testpoint Summary Report 2.03 Generates a testpoint summary report
for current design. Updated 06-10-10
Select Unrouted SMD Pins 1.01 Highlights SMD pins missing routes for selected (or all) nets in design. Helps in finding pins missing fanout. 2K
Pin Labels 1.01 Adds pin labels (numbers) to selected or all components. Layer, size, rotation and frequency selectable. Note: this is an executable (*.exe), not a VB script. 15K
Pin Pair Length Report in Excel 1.01 Creates report of selected (or all) connections (pin-pairs) in Excel. 2K

Note: All scripts work in PowerPCB 3.0 and higher unless otherwise noted.

        All scripts are saved as a compressed 'zip' file.  You will need to 'unzip'           them to use -we recommend Winzip   http://www.winzip.com/ .


Loading and running scripts: PADS scripts can be run in PowerPCB or PowerLogic by loading the script in the Basic Scripts launch window.  In the main application, select Tools, Basic Scripting, Basic Scripts.  In the launch window, click the Load File button and use the file browser to select the directory and script filename (typically, scripts are stored in the \padspwr\ole directory or the \ole subdir of your installed copy of PowerPCB).  To run a script, select it in the list window and click the Run button.  If the script is frequently used you can also add it to the Tools, Basic Scripting popup menu by checking on the In Menu checkbox in the top right corner.



Program Name Rev. Program Description Size
Combined RefDes BOM (for PowerLogic) 1.5 See v1.5 desc. above -this version includes updates to also work in PowerLogic 3K
PLOG_PCBdecalOFF 1.01 Turn off Alternate PCB Decal name reporting (@decalname) for PPCB netlisting. 1K


To request other scripts you'd like written, click here .



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