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Update PCB Decal Outline Program


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Program Description:


The Update PCB Decal Outline Program updates a PowerPCB PCB Decal lib file permitting modification of the decal outline layer and line width. Note: PowerPCB is NOT required to run.  It will for example change all decals using Layer 0 as an outline to the preferred Layer 1. 


   Sample benchmark test:

       Lib: common.lib (default PowerPCB lib)

       # of decals: 839

       Change: Layer 0 to Layer 1, Line width to 8mils

       Processing time: 2.3 sec., 769 decals processed



Current Version:

1.02  04/09/03


Program Type:

Executable (*.exe) w/installation.


PowerPCB Versions Supported:

3.51, 4.01, 5.01

Note: other versions may work as well but have not been tested.


OS Systems Supported:

Win98SE, Win2K, XP


  • Change decal outline layer to any other valid layer.
  • Change decal outline line width to any new width.
  • Entire library or any selected decals processed at once.
  • Process only decals of a specific layer or decals with any layer.
  • Imperial or metric decals processed.
  • Simple interface, fast processing.

Terms of Use:


The Update PCB Decal Outline Program is provided free of charge courtesy of Mindlink Technologies.  You may copy and use it as you wish.  You may reference to this web page only as a link. 


Note:  The Update PCB Decal Outline Program must not appear on any web site in downloadable form -but by web reference to this page only. 


For easy reference please use a copy & paste operation on the following link:







Two zip files are available for download.  Select one of the following (#1 recommended):


1. Program executable and help files.  It does not require an installation/setup process and is simply copied to a directory on your hard drive. Zip size=31KB.


          Executable only v1.02

Size: 31KB



2.  Full program with all installation and necessary VB dll files.  This is a much larger download (1.4M) so only download if above file fails to run.  If you have never installed VB executables on your computer before you may want this download.


          Executable w/setup v1.02

Size: 1432KB


Complete installation and operating instructions are included in each zip file.


Please report any bugs to: support@mindlinktech.com

You are also welcome to provide comments and enhancement suggestions.

Updates will be posted to this page.





  Contact for more info: software@mindlinktech.com


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