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Mindlink Technologies offers a range of services in Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design on a contract/quote or time & materials basis. Whether a specific design task or a full range service is required we can meet your requirements. Design facilities include PCB layout, schematic entry and mechanical CAD as well as electronic circuit design.

Our emphasis is on quality workmanship, properly detailed, in a timely manner. Large or small, simple or complex, we can provide a design solution for your requirements.


PCB Layout

Based on created or customer-supplied schematics or netlists, PCB designs can be produced to required specs. Design rules such as trace width, annular ring, component placement, footprints ect. are adhered to based on IPC guidelines or customer specification. Analog, power and critical signals are manually routed while most digital signals are autorouted to reduce design time and costs. Single to multi-layer design capabilities. Board-shop-ready artwork is provided in Gerber format and can be accompanied by IPC-356 netlist data.

  • Analog, digital
  • Multi-layer (4 - 16+) design
  • BGA, controlled impedance, matched length routing
  • HV and power supply, UL, CSA spec
  • Design to IPC-2221/2 Standards
  • Flooded, CAM, Split/Mixed Planes
  • Decal/Footprint creation
  • Manual/Dynamic routing
  • Autorouting (Rule and Shape based)
  • Gerber output RS-274D, RS-274X
  • PCB Specification document
  • IPC-356A netlist & fabrication data
  • Design For Fabrication/Manufacture
  • IPC Certification (CID)

-see Services page for additional design related services


PCB Layout tools currently supported:

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Schematic Entry

Entry of circuit details into schematic form is an essential requirement for the transfer of the circuit to PCB Layout. PCB footprint or decal information as well as specific design rules e.g. trace width and spacings, differential pairs, layer definition, ect. ensure PCB layout is correctly setup. For in-process updates or Engineering Change Orders (ECO), transferring those changes to or from the PCB ensures the circuit design matches the PCB design. Various output formats are available for design review or final documentation archiving.

  • Entry from various forms (hand-drawn, CAD, even ‘napkin scribbles’ !)
  • Complete design to data sheet check
  • Decal creation and verification
  • Design rule, PCB parameter entry
  • PCB Footprint setup & verification
  • Company logo and sheet style creation
  • Printing services (PDF, HPGL, DXF, hardcopy)
  • Transfer to PCB netlist (see Services for translation abilities)
  • BOM and parts list compilation
  • ECO updates
  • Design block diagrams

Schematic Entry tools currently supported:

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Mechanical CAD

While not a full mechanical design service, Mindlink Technologies provides mechanical CAD services for the purposes of PCB production and assembly documentation. In addition, mechanical fixtures and accessories drawings can also be created.

We are currently evaluating SolidWorks for 3D Solids parts and assemblies. We will be concentrating on racks, chassis, 3D electronic parts and PCB assemblies. In addition, we are working on software to link PCB design applications to SolidWorks for 3D rendered visuals, interference analysis and assembly documention.

  • Detailed PCB assembly drawings
  • Production drawings (wiring, assembly visuals)
  • 3D assembly profiling (Solids)
  • Enclosures
  • Brackets, heatsinks
  • DXF, DWG format
  • IDF ECAD exchange
  • 3D PCB part creation services

Mechanical CAD software currently supported:


SolidWorks 2001 3D PCB Assembly (Power Supply)

PADS PowerPCB to SolidWorks


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