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D3T -Dynamic Drill Drawing Table Program

Update Note 04/2009: An updated version of D3T with new features is in process and should be released soon. If you have suggestions for improvements please submit them to: support@mindlinktech.com -Thanks.


The D3T program is a PADS PowerPCB VB script which generates a drill drawing table composed of 2d-lines and text. It is dynamic, in that it can be moved, accuractly positioned and edited in the design and is not tied to blind CAM processing.


  • Drill drawing symbol list in CAM is automatically sorted.
  • Unused drills automatically removed.
  • Table data and order exactly matches the NC Drill report.
  • Support for slotted holes (PPCB ver4 only).
  • Generated table is fully scalable -controlled by text size.
  • Separate specification for text and line width.
  • Table is created as a combined drawing making it easy to move and  edit.
  • Column for NC Drill tool list.
  • Column for drill tolerances (fully editable).
  • Drill size and tolerance title headings are editable.
  • Can appear on any layer.
  • Support for separate plated/non-plated and blind and buried drill tables.
  • Operates in mils, metric or inch units.
  • Drill symbols are added sequentially without gaps.


Terms of Use:

The D3T program is provided free of charge courtesy of Mindlink Technologies.  You may copy and use it as you wish.  You may also modify the script to your own needs provided you do not redistribute it in modified form.  You may reference to this web page only as a link. 


Note:  The D3T Program must not appear on any web site in downloadable form -but by web reference to this page only. 


For easy reference please use a copy & paste operation on the following link:




The downloaded zip file contains the VB script and a help doc detailing the interface and overall program operation.


          Download D3T program v1.01

Size: 24K


Please report any bugs to: support@mindlinktech.com

You are also welcome to provide comments and enhancement suggestions.

D3T updates will be posted to this page.





  Contact for more info: software@mindlinktech.com


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