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PCB Services

We provide a number of other services (as listed below) related to the PCB design industry. Please contact support@mindlinktech.com for additional information and pricing.


PCB Design Consulting



  • General design requirements
  • DFM (Design for Manufacture) requirements
  • Materials, design setup for high density, high speed
  • IPC requirements

CAD Library Management
  • Custom library setup to company spec and part numbers
  • PCB decal (footprint) creation to custom or IPC specs
  • PADS library integration -schematic to PCB
  • Library maintenance to bring all libs to a specified standard  (padstacks, layer order, attributes, ect.)

File Conversions
  • Orcad to PADS, PADS to Orcad PCB
  • DOS PADS CAE, Logic, PCB 2.0+ to PowerPCB/Logic
  • PADS Perform to PowerPCB, PowerLogic
  • Netlist conversions
  • CAD Library conversions

Gerber to PCB Layout Translation            (Reverse Engineering)
  • Any Gerber file set translated to PowerPCB or Orcad
  • Provided netlist ensures design continuity

Logo & Artwork Scanning
  • Company logos and artwork raster scanned and converted to a footprint/decal for insertion into PCB layout or titleblock (PADS, Orcad)

SolidWorks 3D PCB Component Design
  • Creation of PCB components e.g. connectors, ICs, heatsinks, switches, ect. as 3D parts in SolidWorks for product analysis and detailing.
  • PCB to SolidWorks interfacing.
  • 3D component libraries




  Contact for more info: support@mindlinktech.com



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